Our Services

BEMMP - Biomedical Equipment Management & Maintenance

  • 24 Hour Toll-Free services are available to register complaints related to equipment.
  • We offer exclusive support for spare parts requirements, if any.
  • Cost-effective maintenance services like Preventive maintenance, Corrective or Repair maintenance, and performance checks.
  • Radiology Quality Assurance services are available as per AERB norms.
  • We assist with equipment registration and asset management.
  • Get professional technical and application training along with smartphone-based work order management with the traction of the field staff.
  • Access the real-time dashboard to monitor equipment maintenance activities and stay updated with the decommissioning and disposal of biomedical equipment.

24*7 Customer Care

  • Our in-house technicians are exclusively trained by experienced senior engineers and specialist engineers for labs, Radiology, and OT & ICU-based equipment management.
  • Our technical experts are skilled and have the ability to repair PCBs at the component level.
  • We offer periodic preventive maintenance to enhance the equipment's uptime. We assure the repair of about 60% of the equipment breakdowns during the first visit itself.
  • We have the highest inventory stock, so we can address your emergencies seamlessly by having equipment on standby.
  • We take your complaints seriously. We work around the clock to ensure that all of your issues are resolved on time and without hassle.

Our Real Time Dashboard


Here is everything you can do with our dashboard:

  • Lists and functional status of billing Equipment, critical equipment, facility-wise equipment, newly added equipment, and condemnation.
  • Penalty report and uptime status of the equipment
  • Maintenance work-in-progress report with an estimated time of completion.
  • Uptime and downtime reports
  • Repeated breakdown monitoring.
  • Quality assurance reports and calibration status of the equipment.
  • Preventive maintenance report and user training records.